Providing Cutting Edge Mental Health Treatment in Federal Way and Lynwood, WA


I have a Master’s Degree in Social Work (MSW) from the University of Utah, and I graduated in 1973. I spent the next 11 years of my career running chemical dependency programs, first in Wyoming (3 years) and then in Oregon (8 years). When I moved to Federal Way in 1984 to set up a private practice, I also took three other jobs. One was as an instructor at the Seattle University School of Addiction Studies. My expertise in the field of addictions was particularly helpful there.

The second job was that of Executive Director of the Washington State Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), my professional association. My experience in the broad field of clinical social work was pertinent to this position. I did both of these extra jobs until 1992 when I decided to devote myself to my private practice.

In addition, I did a third job of conducting workshops up and down the West Coast on various topics, such as addictions (both chemical and process addictions such as gambling, sex addiction, and work addiction), personal enhancement, treatment staff development, bereavement and general issues of mental health. I was well-regarded as both a teacher and a trainer in those areas.

In my many years in the mental health field, I believe that I have gained tremendous experience into how we human beings function in today’s world. I have found that there are no RIGHT or WRONG answers to life’s questions. Instead, there is only our own personal answers to those issues, and therefore we also have the ability to find our way through any issue. Therapy amplifies this ability to find the answers we seek, and to develop the skills and mindset to choose our individual path.

I also believe that the best counselors are those that are constantly reaching toward new information and understanding about mental health issues. I pride myself in manifesting flexibility, empathy and advocacy with my clients so that they can achieve their highest levels of functioning.